What's Your True Blue?


Have you heard of True Blue? If you’re a returning Duke student, you probably remember bits and pieces from your busy orientation week. If you’re a student who is coming to Duke this fall you’ll get to see True Blue for yourself, soon enough! Thumbnail

True Blue is a program presented by our Center during Orientation week.  A group of 5-10 returning Duke students present information on a variety of topics in a fun and interactive way, and you also get to meet some of the professional staff on campus who pass on some good tips and info to keep you safe and happy while you’re at Duke.  
We want you to meet the cast of True Blue! Our next few blogs will be written by members of this year’s True Blue cast.  They’ll introduce themselves and let you know what True Blue means to them, and what lessons from the show that they have found useful during their first years at Duke.  

So stay tuned…you’ll be hearing from students that are all around the world this summer who are very excited to come back and meet new students during orientation week!