Why YOU should apply for the Women's Center Internship!


Top 5 reasons to be an intern:

1.     One-on-one mentorship with a staff member

“The best part about my one-on-one mentorship with a staff member is that my mentor got to know me on a personal level, rather than just a professional one. Thus, I was able to both get help performing my tasks in the women's center and be challenged personally to think about the gendered issues I'm addressing every day.” ~Maya Flippen, 2nd year

2.       Cultivate skills in student engagement and leadership

"Being able to help create and now coordinate a brand-new program, Duke Write(H)ers, has taught me so much about how to engage with other students. I've been challenged to think creatively about how to encourage other writers and lead the charge to succeed within the feminist media landscape." ~Samantha Lachman, 4th year

3.       Effectively promote justice in a variety of ways

From creating a monologue show with the Alternative Fall Break Trip highlighting the undocumented immigrant experience, to painting the bridge with Women's Collective to raise awareness about the costs of gender roles, my internship at the Duke Women's Center has allowed me to fight for social justice for ALL people in the most creative of ways” ~Jacky Dobies, 2nd year

4.       Develop your worldview through a feminist framework

“My worldview has been shaped by a feminist leadership framework in which I recognize that all women have the capacity to become leaders. Because of this I have always found it important to provide opportunities for all women to develop their leadership potential.” ~Caroline Hall, 3rd year

5.       Collaborate with a team of other social advocates to create change

The Women's Center Internship Program has allowed me to collaborate with a team of other social advocates to create change and make me feel a part of a greater movement to address problems on our campus and in our society. Feeling solidarity with other social justice advocates is truly inspirational, humbling, and rewarding. I'm so grateful for this collective work!” ~Jaimie Woo, 4th year


Top 5 reasons to be a PACT facilitator:

1.       Enhance your public speaking skills

“The internship taught me how to use a more critical feminist perspective – one that can be applied to anything in any genre or conversation. I am more comfortable speaking in front of groups about these sensitive issues using that perspective.” ~Frank Lee, 3rd year

2.       Develop your competence as a peer facilitator

"Working as a facilitator has taught me how to effectively interact with participants in a way that empowers them to work together to come up with solutions for combating gender violence on campus. Beyond that, facilitation skills are useful in so many other ways, too--from having productive conversations with friends and family to communicating with coworkers during a job or internship." ~Grace Summers, 4th year

3.       Heighten your awareness of gender violence issues

"Over the past two years, I've gained confidence in discussing gender violence and oppression more broadly both with my friends and as an advocate.  I have a lot to learn, but I've gained skills in starting the conversation." ~Ian Harwood, 4th year

4.       Become a direct advocate for social change

"As an intern I've had the chance to work directly with other student activists to forge partnerships between the Women’s center and Greek councils in order to expand duke's gender violence prevention efforts." ~Ian Harwood, 4th year

5.       Positively challenge campus culture surrounding gender violence

"With so many conversations happening around gender violence on other college campuses and around the world, I like knowing that we are working to prevent incidents here at Duke. It is reassuring to know that, after every PACT session, we have 25 newly trained bystanders who can intervene on campus to stop sexual assault." ~Grace Summers, 4th year