10 Duke Career Center FAQs

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

I am doing a lot of work assisting first-year students in making the most of the Career Center and put together this list of some important things that many students wish they knew in their first year at Duke.

Whether you are a first year or not, this is important information for you.

  1. What does the Career Center do?

The Career Center guides you through navigating Duke by assisting in the management and design of your Duke experience. You will hear us refer to this as Design Your Duke .We achieve this by providing opportunities for exploration of education, values, goals, skills, and experiences in order to identify and realize your aspirations. A core value in the Career Center’s mission is to enhance individual resourcefulness, intentionality, and responsibility in career development.

  1. When is the best time to come to the Career Center?

We would love for you to start utilizing the services as early as possible beginning with your first year. Using the services can consist of scheduling an individual appointment, visiting Drop-In Career Advising, and attending workshops/events. All of the details are available in CareerConnections.

  1.  How do I schedule an appointment with the Career Center?

You can schedule an appointment online through Career Connections! Just log in, (the first time -update your profile) and the available appointments will show up on your dashboard.

  1.  How does Drop-in Career Advising work?

Drop-in Career Advising is a designated time where you can stop by without scheduling an appointment. Advisers will allot 10-15 minutes to review your CV, resume, cover letter, application documents, and/or answer any questions you may have.

  1.  Will you help me draft my resume or should I bring one in when I come in?

Draft a copy of your resume before you come in. Please review the resume video  modules, samples, and advice  available through our Resume Guide to help you with you get started. You can also bring in the resume you used as part of your application to Duke, and we can use it as a starting point.

  1.  Should I remove all of my high school information off my resume?

No, not necessarily. If you are a first-year student, the experiences you have are high school experiences. Those experiences show your skills and interests; therefore, they are very important. As you progress academically and become actively engaged within your Duke community, you will begin to replace your high school experiences with your Duke experiences.

  1. Will the Career Center help me find an internship?

The Career Center will provide you with guidance in professional and career development which will help you create a strategy and navigate your internship search. The guidance can consist of and is not limited to, connecting with individuals who share your interests, managing the internship search, preparing for an interview, and awareness of resources and opportunities. 

  1. As an undergraduate, Is it critical for me to have an internship the summer after my first year?

Being offered an internship your first summer is a great opportunity, however there are many options you can consider such as conducting research, starting your own company, picking a project to work on, contributing to your high school or community, and job shadowing. Don’t fret as most internships are not offered until Sophomore/Junior year. If you do not have an internship during your first summer, it is great to have a summer job or do something fun you can talk about and share the skills you used and what you learned throughout the experience.

  1. If I don’t know what I am interested in or have no idea of what I want to do, can the Career Center help me?

Yes! The Career Center can help you explore your interests, reflect on your skills and experiences, and discuss opportunities to guide you through your decision-making process. Most of what we do is preparing students for decision making.

  1.  Where is the Career Center located?

The Career Center is located just across Main Street from East Campus, on Buchanan Blvd. We are in Smith Warehouse in Bay 5 on the 2nd Floor. Enter the building through Bay 6. It is walkable or you can take the C1S: East-West-Smith Warehouse bus.

**Interesting Fact!

Did you know that the Career Center prescribes seven Competencies for Career Management to help you manage and design your very own Duke experience? Get the details now.