5 Best Tips to Help You Move Forward

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
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We are all currently in a stage of adjustment and learning how to adapt to our new normal. Whether that may look like doing everything (eating, sleeping, taking classes, working, etc.) from our homes, to being home with our entire families and trying to figure out how to find a quiet place to study, read a book, or simply collect our thoughts. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the Coronavirus, and how you can keep moving forward throughout these interesting times. Take a look at these 5 tips to help you as you’re moving forward.

  1. It’s ok to just be surviving

A lot of change has taken place within the past few months, which has undoubtedly challenged your skill in adapting. For some this adaptation may be more difficult than others. Don’t feel bad if you are not able to accomplish all of the goals you have set for yourself during this time. It is ok for you to adjust your expectations as needed and do what you can with what you have.

  1. Use your resources

Although you are not physically connected with Duke, remember that your Duke community is still here for you! The services that you were able to take advantage of on campus are still offered to you, just in a remote access format. For example, the Career Center, Academic Advising Center, Academic Resource Center, CAPS, and Campus Life Centers are all available and hosting remote access components to engage with you.

  1. Let’s look on the bright side

Try to remain optimistic–instead of focusing on the negative. According to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE), “83% of employers are adjusting their work environments to work from home,” and “74% of employers will be continuing their summer internships.” This means there are opportunities available and you do have a chance to secure an internship or job.

  1. Be Patient

I have heard feedback from quite a few students that they are not receiving follow-up communication from employers and alums. It’s understandable to be anxiously awaiting a response, but be patient. Employers and alums are adjusting to changes as well and learning how to pivot during this unique time. It is acceptable to continue connecting with alums through LinkedIn, the Duke Alumni Directory, and Ask A Blue Devil, but try to be patient if you do not receive a response within a week or so. After that time period, it is ok for you to follow-up. I would suggest doing the same with a potential employer. If you have not heard back from an employer and it has been a few weeks or it is past the deadline they provided you, you can send a follow-up email.

  1. Keep Going

For some this may be a difficult time to stay motivated and focused, but keep pushing forward. Setting small, achievable goals for yourself may be helpful. Whether it is setting time aside to update your resume or deciding to reach out to two or three alums, this will keep you moving forward and accomplishing things a little bit at a time.

Another suggestion would be to think of something you’re thankful for each day, this could help increase your positivity and motivate you to keep pushing!