5 Instagram Accounts to Follow to Help Boost Your Career Readiness

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Audrey Fenske '09, Program Assistant, Duke Career Center
Instagram Careers

I admit it – I’m a scrolling fiend. Whether it’s staying up-to-date on news and events, checking up on friends, or simply taking a few minutes (okay… many minutes) to unwind, I find myself on Instagram probably too many times during my downtime. To try to alleviate that screen time guilt, I often try to find and follow accounts that I feel might be helpful to my personal development and growth. Hey, I’m bettering myself – that’s a good thing, right?

You may not think “maybe I’ll work on my career prep!” as you’re opening Instagram, but I wanted to share a few accounts that are worthy of a follow that might just change that mindset. These aren’t your typical stale/stiff accounts that somebody threw together just to have a presence on Instagram – they actually provide great advice, inspiration, and a few laughs as well. Check them out:


  1. @dukecareers – Okay, I know, shameless self-promotion. But the Duke Career Center’s Instagram is, I truly believe, a great mix of helpful information, inspiring advice, and a few laughs. We have videos to watch, memes to make you chuckle, and more on our feed. We also share important information on our Stories about events and programs like our Internship Funding Program, Career Fair prep, and more. Definitely follow us so you don’t miss out on something that might really boost your career readiness!
  2. @dukealumni – You’ll all be joining the Duke Alumni family at some point in the future, so follow Duke Alumni now to start learning about the amazing things your fellow Blue Devils do throughout the world. It’s great inspiration for your future; you may learn about a Duke alum in a career path you have never considered.
  3. @themuse  – The Muse shares a lot of great articles about career development on their website, and their Instagram provides previews for almost all of those articles, so you can decide quickly if they pique your interest enough to click their #linkinbio. They also offer tips about things from interviewing to networking, often in video form. While I haven’t attended one of their Instagram Live sessions, they offer them periodically on helpful topics, especially if you’re just beginning the job search. 
  4. @careercontessa – This account caters to female-identified job seekers, but there’s tons of helpful information for anyone, no matter what stage of career development you’re in. They post helpful graphics ranging from daily affirmations to current companies with job openings. From job seeking email templates to questions to help you define your purpose, there is really something for everyone.
  5. Your dream job/industry’s Instagram account – Instagram is a great way to see whether a company or an industry seems like a place where you might like to work. Almost every business has an account, and many give insights into working at that company. There have even been cases where following an Instagram account for a company has helped a job seeker land a job at that company. At the very least, following your dream company’s Instagram can serve as a bit of inspiration every time one of their posts comes up in your feed.

There are so many more great career-related Instagram accounts out there – if you find one you particularly like, send the @dukecareers account a DM so we can check it out. Happy scrolling!