6 Interview Resources 

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A huge component of the job and internship search process is the interview! As you are drafting and perfecting your application materials, interview prep can fall between the cracks and you may not think about it until you have an interview coming up. Don’t make this mistake, ensure that you are aware of the interviewing resources available for you and that you set aside time to practice interviewing.  Take a look at the resources below which can assist you in practicing your interview skills. 

Career Advising Appointments 

Did you know that you could schedule a practice interview or an interview coaching appointment with a career adviser? All you have to do is go into CareerConnections and schedule an advising appointment. When you are given the opportunity to select the reason for the appointment, make sure to choose the options relevant to interviewing. You can also add a note to give the adviser additional information about your appointment.   

Interviewing Strategies Online Course 

You can take this self-paced online course which will provide steps and resources for interviewing success. 

Big Interview 

This platform can guide you in practicing your interview skills, whether it is for a job, internship, or graduate school. Don’t be afraid to hit record, run through some questions, and then play it back to see how you did! 

Career Center’s Interview Guide 

Did you know that the Career Center has a page within our website dedicated solely to interviewing? This page houses all of your interview resources which include: 

  • Preparing for virtual interviews 
  • Podcasts featuring Duke students as they talk about their interviewing experiences 
  • Virtual interview tips 
  • The STAR method 
  • Sample Interview questions 
  • Interview attire guides 

Practice Interview Day 

Every fall and spring semester, the Career Center hosts a practice interview day to provide an opportunity for students to practice their interview skills. We invite employers, alumni, and staff from across campus to assist in practicing interviewing with you and providing you helpful feedback. Please make sure to visit CareerConnections to see when this event is offered. 


Your career advisers and Career Ambassadors have written several blogs about interviewing and how you can prepare yourself for that experience and new blog posts are added weekly. Feel free to browse through the Career Center blogs to review additional resources which may be helpful.