6 Points of Zoom Etiquette

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
person at table with laptop. dressed professionally.

Right now we are all becoming more familiar with using Zoom, whether it’s for work, class, meetings, or events, Zoom has become one of our dear friends. A little zoom etiquette will help us navigate these calls professionally. Take a look at these 6 tips to help!

  1. Let’s talk house Rules

You may notice some calls begin with the host providing a few house rules to help make sure the call goes smoothly. Pay attention to these rule and try to follow them throughout the call, these will always be the default rules.

  1. Muting is thoughtful

Muting yourself when not speaking is thoughtful as you eliminate any backgrounds you may have in your personal environment. This helps keep the attention on the topic of discussion and will decrease distraction.

  1. How to ask questions?

If you have questions throughout the call, you usually have an option to unmute yourself to ask the question and/or use the chat. Both are great ways to engage in the conversation, so feel free to do what feels most comfortable for you, unless instructed otherwise.

  1. Raise your hand

If you have a comment you’d like to make or question you’d like to ask, you can also use the “raise your hand” function which will let the host know that you have something to say.

  1. Introduce yourself

If you’re on a call with individuals you don’t know, and you would like to speak or ask a question, it’s good practice to introduce yourself before making your statement or asking your question. Yes, your name is probably listed on the zoom call, but some people may choose to use a nickname to log in or their phone number only may be listed. Introducing yourself is a great way for you to let the speaker and other guests know who you are and it helps you get in the practice of introducing yourself to people, whether it’s virtually or in person.

  1. What if I don’t want to share my video?

Sharing your video is an optional zoom feature, therefore it is up to you to determine whether or not you would like to share it. If you decide not to share your video, it would be good to have a professional picture uploaded which will display in leu of your video. For employer events and interviews I would highly recommend you share your video, as it provides the employer an opportunity to see you since they are not able to do so in person.  

Hopefully these tips can help you as you log into your next Zoom meeting. Please make sure to say connected with the Career Center and visit CareerConnections to schedule an appointment with an adviser or attend any upcoming events!