6 Steps to Engaging With the Career Center as a First-Year Student

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
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As a first-year student, I’m sure you have heard something about the Career Center. Whether it was the orientation video that was shared with you, the student panels you attended during orientation week, or buzz around the Career Center Kickoff which occurred during Weeks of Welcome. Right now, you may not know much about the Career Center or how we serve first-year students, and that’s totally fine, however we would like for you to get to know us, and you can do so by taking these six steps!  

  1. Review the Career Center’s Website

When you take a look at our website, you can review our resume modules and guides as you start to think through updating your resume, take a look at our informational interviewing page to get some tips on how to connect with faculty, staff, and alums, and check out our online courses and video tutorials!

  1.   Read our Blog!

The Career Center has a ton of blog posts which share information featuring a variety of topics including, Career Center FAQs, Career Center Myths, industry-specific articles, alum highlights, and company highlights. There are first-year specific blogs and blogs targeted for any class year that may be directly related to your area of interest or answering a question you may have about writing your resume or how to explore your interests. Take some time to check out some of our blog posts and learn more about how you can use our resources!

  1.  Start using CareerConnections!

I know you’re probably wondering what CareerConnections is and why you should be using it. Well, CareerConnections is the Career Center’s online portal in which you can review and register for Career Center events, schedule an appointment with an adviser, and view and apply for jobs or internships. If you haven’t logged into CareerConnections, please do so and update your profile, so you don’t miss a thing! If you want guidance on how to use CareerConnections,CareerConnections 101 For First-Year Undergraduate Students will give you a great overview!

  1. Connect with us on Social Media!

The Career Center is available on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook! Connect with us to stay up to date about upcoming events, highlights from your peers, faculty, staff, and alums, and also laugh at some of the funniest memes or be encouraged by some encouraging words or pictures. We would love to have you connect with us!

  1. Personalize Your Career News

Each of you are receiving Career News, the Career Center’s newsletter, within your duke.edu email account. This is an excellent way for you to stay connected with us to learn about upcoming events, read new blogs and articles, and receive information personalized specifically for you! Be sure to personalize your email content, format and frequency using the settings prompted at the bottom of the email. After doing so, you will notice that the newsletter will begin to send you more information based upon your interests. The more you interact with the newsletter the more beneficial you will find it to be for you!

  1. Meet With Us

Once you’ve had time to get adjusted, whether taking classes remotely or on-campus in your environment and with your schedule, we suggest that you meet with us. This can be as formal or informal as you would like, meaning you can come with specific questions or you can come to introduce yourself and find out what the Career Center is all about. Although, the Career Center is operating completely remotely this semester, you can still schedule an individual appointment, a 15-minute drop-in career advising appointment, a resume review, or attend any our events.

We would love to see you!