7 Frequently Asked Questions From Students

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
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Take a look at 7 frequently asked questions I have received this spring/summer, these questions vary from following up with employers, preparing for online interviews, and connecting with alums.

Q: I’ve submitted applications to positions but I haven’t heard back from the recruiters, is it ok for me follow-up?

A: Yes! It is totally ok for you to follow-up after submitting an application. You can send a brief email expressing interest in the position and letting your contact person know that you wanted to make sure your application documents have been received.

Q: I’ve interviewed for a company and I haven’t heard back, is it ok for me to follow-up?

A: Yes! Same as following up after submitting your application, you can also follow-up after your interview. Ideally, you would have submitted a thank you note to your interviewers after the interview, but you can also follow-up to check the status of the interview process. If during the interview you were provided with a timeframe of when they would be reaching out, then you would follow-up after that timeframe. However, if you were not provided a timeframe, it’s ok to follow-up within 1-2 weeks after your interview.

Q: I have an internship, but I need additional funding, what resources are available to me?

A: The Career Center offers and Internship Funding Program which accepts applications from late January-late February (keep in mind for 2021!), however if you missed that deadline you can check out the Undergraduate Research Support Office for additional funding opportunities.

Q: How can I explore different industries and companies?

A: The Career Center has two programs, Fyrst Contact and SophoMore conversations in which employers talk with students about their organization. This is a great way to continue exploring and learn information which may help as you are considering internships or thinking about post -graduation plans.

No matter what your class year or graduate degree, the Career Center is still promoting virtual coffee chats, information sessions, etc. as they are scheduled with alums, so please continue to be on the look-out for those in CareerConnections and Career News!

You can also explore by using resources such as LinkedIn and the “Company Research” option in the CareerConnections.

Q: With the Career Center being remote access, how can I have my resume or cover letter reviewed?

A: The Career Center will still be able to provide you with the same services we have provided in the past, just through a different platform! We can review your resume or cover letter via Skype, Zoom, or over the phone (the phone option of course will require you to email your document to us). We have appointments available throughout the week and we are following our regular Drop-in Career Advising times! If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please do so in CareerConnections!

Q: I have a phone or online interview coming up, how should I prepare for it?

A: You should prepare for a phone or online interview pretty much the same as you would an in-person interview. Take a look at the blog “7 Tips for Online Interviewing” to find more on how you can prepare!

Q: How can I connect with Alums?

A: You have access to an extensive Duke Alumni network which you can access easily through LinkedIn and the Duke Alumni Directory. Review the Career Center’s Networking guide to learn how best to use LinkedIn to connect with Alums and you can watch an Alumni Networking Video in which Alum Noor Tasnim will walk you through networking using the Duke Alumni Directory. Also check out Ask a Blue Devil!


If you have additional questions or would like to speak with a career adviser, please schedule an online appointment through CareerConnections or visit us during our ONLINE Drop-in Career Advising!