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Brian Njoroge

“If you do not take random naps, you are not living life” - despondent pre-med student after coming from a chemistry lab.

As finals season approaches, most of us find ourselves running low on sleep. CAPS recommends 6-8 hours of sleep to maximize productivity. Although napping daily isn’t advised (sad, right?), such times call for dire measures- in this case should suffice. No one wants to take the bus back to East or Central Campus or walk down the countless steps to your room in Edens (you might as well just go to Wilson if you needed to work out) just to take a nap.  I asked a couple of students- whose napping habits are questionable- for the perfect napping spots around the Campus Center. 

This list is in no preferential order.

Second Floor, The Brodhead Center- The second floor is like paradise for nappers. The Bean pods came up first with everyone I spoke with. This fluffy neon pods that lay on the second floor have been known to host humans who end up curled up in them for hours. They are probably more comfortable than most of the freshman beds. Beside(s) the pods, the couches offer the choice to spread out and prop yourself up when napping.

“I stopped napping here because I was becoming a regular on my friends’ snapchats. I had to look for somewhere secluded” – another despondent pre-med student.


Basement, The Brodhead Center- It’s official. The Brodhead Center holds the best eating places and napping spots. The area next to ABP near the exit under the bridge which is under The Cafe is another spot. The area is usually dark with the TV either on HGTV or National Geographic- two channels that least interest millennials- therefore no one usually comes in there.


The CMA Alcove- The CMA located in the basement level of the Bryan Center has good study spaces but even better napping spots. The Alcove, beneath the stairs, has spandrel-shaped sofas that are rarely frequented. Best believe that no one will see you here.


Second Floor, The Wellness Center- Besides the soothing tunes from the grand piano that lure you to sleep, the comfiness of the booths are unmatched! The Wellness Center’s calming nature creates the perfect setting for a nap.


The Plaza Swinging Benches- Did the weather get better today? Lose that sweater and lay your head on it. The rocky motion will definitely improve your nap as you take in some Vitamin D. Watch out for the squirrels though!