Campus Life newsletter, Nov '19: Who's Who? Assessment Offices Across Duke

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Eulena Jonsson, Associate Director of Assessment for Campus Life

Who's Who? Assessment offices across Duke

Assessment offices at Duke tend to be difficult to unearth and connect with unless you are already aware of them and their functions. I see them as hidden treasure, being not biased at all… but their value is to us is muted when they remain unknown. I’m going to share briefly what I know of the assessment shops at Duke, including the Institutional Research office as well, and initial information about opportunities each set of colleagues provides.

There is not one consistent assessment structure across universities in the US, and they tend to evolve sometimes organically to meet needs. The main Duke offices that have assessment and institutional function, if we are considering undergraduate Duke students, are visualized below:

Resource Administration

Campus Life

Dean of Students

Director of Assessment:
Matt Starcke

Reports to: Tim Bounds

Associate Director of Assessment:
Eulena Johnson

Reports to: Li Chen Chin

Associate Director of Assessment: 
Kate Zhang

Reports to: Sue Wasiolek

Assessment group meets bi-weekly; includes others across the Division who are currently charged as assessment representatives in their areas, e.g. HRL, Career Center and Dining. The search for an Associate Director of Assessment for HRL is underway!

How can we help?

Data collection, analysis, reporting, and connection to department, unit, and division level values & outcomes; outcomes creation; strategic planning; connecting to other campus & beyond data and resources (and more!).

(the) Trinity College Office of Assessment

Matt Serra

Reports to: John Blackshear,
Associate Vice Provost & Dean of Academic Affairs

Associate Director:
Jennifer Hill

Research Analysts:
Evan Widney
Alessandra Dinin

How can they help?

Trinity’s Office of Assessment is very interested in building connections with Campus Life entities (and Student Affairs altogether), being especially interested in how we can share data of interest and value reciprocally. They collect data from students using several surveys including the Defining Issues Test and the Global Perspectives Inventory, as well as linking student academic outcomes to academic majors, courses and experiences; more info and resources here:

Institutional Research

Assistant Vice Provost and
Director of Institutional Research:
David Jamieson-Drake

Reports to: Jennifer Francis,
Executive Vice Provost

Associate Director, Institutional Research Manager,
Space Information Systems and Analysis:
Patricia Hull

Assistant Directors:
Kendrick P. Tatum
Jiali Luo
Libby Joyce

How can they help?

Institutional Research is a great partner and source for official student demographic data that is externally reported from Duke, in the Common Data Set. Institutional Research creates amazing Tableau dashboards of student data, specifically that collected through the Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE); not publicly shared but currently accessible though Campus Life Assessment. COFHE surveys include Survey of New Students, Enrolled, Senior, Parent, and Alumni; more information about these from Duke’s Institutional Research and hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



There are other assessment offices scattered around Duke. Did you know the libraries has an Assessment & User Experience Office, that publishes regular reports, and recently conducted focus groups on Black students’ experiences with Duke’s libraries? Duke Engage regularly measures and presents on impact, publishing yearly reports. The Graduate School and some professional schools at Duke also have dedicated assessment professionals. These are just some examples & that’s all for now. Don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you’d like to discuss or learn more about campus-wise assessment, and I’ll talk more next time about assessment resources for you on campus!