Campus Life newsletter, Oct '19: Get to Know Sophomore “ASCL”

Author name
Eulena Jonsson

Hey, nice to meet you!  Didn’t quite catch your name – who are you?

Call me ASCL! Sounds like Axel.  My full name is Assessment in Campus Life.

So, tell me a bit about how things have been!

Well, it’s my second year and I’m really excited.  I’ve known about the breadth of amazing work that’s done in Campus Life, but being immersed in it has been eye-opening!  My first year was a lot of information gathering, creating resources, and consulting; ending with Campus Life annual reports.  Everyone’s been super welcoming, and I’m still learning new things constantly.

What exactly is your role? Or rather, how can you help me?

My main role is to help with assessment across all the identity and cultural centers in Campus Life as well as the student-facing offices in UCAE.  That includes assessment planning, implementation, reporting, and facilitating informed decision-making and targeted recommendations.

So you help with surveys?

[*runs around screaming and growling; returns composed*]

Not only surveys, though I can see why you ask that.  Surveys are definitely a subset of assessment.  There’s a reason they’re used a lot -- they are convenient and can collect valuable information.

When I say helping with assessment though, I mean before and beyond surveys.  Early on asking questions such as:

  • What is my story of impact using collected data rather than anecdotes?
  • How can my team describe the changes students (/faculty/staff/alumni/community members etc.) go through due to their varied interactions with our programs, initiatives, staff, and center or office altogether?
  • Who is my team interacting with in various ways? Their needs? Match with resources? Gaps?
  • How does my team’s work at the program level connect to the impact expected at the center/office, unit, and Division level?
  • How does my team define success using internal and external standards?

Essentially, I ask questions that get at “What information is most valuable to you in giving a rich narrative of the work you do and its impact?” for multiple recipients. I am your resource for this: I’ll research issues appropriate, act as a discrete thought partner and sounding board, work with you through planning individually and as a team, connect you with other data and others pursuing similar data questions if possible, and encourage best practice data collection, reporting, analysis, and inference sharing.  Assessment to me is an involved, value-driven, collaborative, connected, intentional process, so the earlier the better on pulling me in. 

Can I reach out to you?

Please do!  My office is in the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) base 3 levels down in Bryan center (005b).  I’m happy to meet you there or in your space, and am available by phone (919-684-8918) or email ( or  Feel free to just drop by too; I may be in. I also have dedicated hours in the office on Mondays from 2pm-3pm.  I also plan to co-work in center spaces occasionally (especially if there’s candy)!