Campus Life newsletter, Oct. '19: Things I'm Curious About

Author name
Tearria Beck-Scott

As we start a new year and the student engagement team builds a new staff, I am thinking a lot about transition.  Transition is a positive thing, it means that we are bringing new energy and new ideas into our staff.  It’s scary, because leaders & friends on the team have transitioned out, and new ones are coming, but when I think a little deeper about this, I get excited because we will all be learning together.   We are all taking on “new roles”, with new students and the sky is the limit.  I cannot wait to see what this team has accomplished when we get to this time next year. 

Things I am curious about as we build this team:

  1. Who will get each office?  What new memories will replace the old ones, in these spaces?
  2. What will they like?  How will we establish these new norms?  How do I help them connect… I want them to feel like they belong here!
  3. How do I insure that I impart all the things that live in my head?  How will we welcome them?
  4. Who should I connect them with first?  There are sooo many awesome people here that they should know.
  5. How have other teams handled big transitions like this? 

Maybe in a year, I will have some answers to these questions, and maybe I will not.  I hope that I will be able to say that these new team members feel connected and like they belong here.  I hope that they know who they have for help and they use it!  And I hope that they are beginning to leave their mark here at Duke. 



Tearria Beck-Scott is the Associate Director of Student Engagement, Involvement.  She has been at Duke University for 5 years and has previously served as both a Student Development Coordinator and an Assistant Director on the team.   Previously, she was a Program Advisor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.   She works closely with Duke University Union, the largest programming board on campus and has helped to coordinate some of the largest events across campus, including LDOC, Price Palooza, and the student activities fair.  In addition, she manages the event registration process for all student organizations across campus. She holds a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration, both from Georgia State University.