Conversation with TTEC: New Talent Accelerator Program

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Monique Turrentine, Assistant Director Employer Relations, Duke Career Center
TTEC Recruiting -person jumping on a bean bag and young people celebrating.

I had an engaging conversation with a Duke alum and the recruiting team at TTEC about their new Talent Accelerator Program. Read on for some highlights from our conversation, and to learn more about the Talent Accelerator Program that is accepting applications until the end of August. 

Monique: Thank you for reaching out to share information about the Talent Accelerator Program at TTEC. TTEC is an interesting organization.

TTEC: Yes, indeed! TTEC helps bring technology and human connections together to deliver amazing customer experiences every time.

Monique: Your work environment sounds fun. How would you describe the work culture?

TTEC: Our culture is dynamic, entrepreneurial and inclusive. We believe in growth, opportunity, engagement and connection. And we believe that the future is full of exciting possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

Monique: I bet it's a collaborative team. I'd love to hear more about the new Talent Accelerator Program.

TTEC: Our three-year accelerator program featuring intensive training and mentorship, exposure to several departments, transformational project development, and engagement within segments. The program will bring together a select group of new graduates seeking to immerse themselves in the business of a global customer experience leader. Students will make an impact and help TTEC stay ahead by implementing business innovations and pushing our ability to continuously transform; and gain a well-rounded knowledge base across departments and centers of excellence. Students will have ownership of key projects and initiatives, work directly with our company’s leaders, and help to transform the way we do business. When students join TTEC, students will be joining a global team of disruptors, innovators and leaders who dream big and reach for amazing. Our Talent Accelerator has been carefully crafted and designed by executive leadership to provide a unique, multidisciplinary perspective through the eyes of a publicly traded, global corporation and its clients. As a member of our founding class, hired students help to shape the program for the future. We value students feedback and ideas to help us continuously improve the program for each incoming cohort and look forward to hearing their thoughts each step of the way.
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Monique: Well, I'm sure our students would love to know how and when to apply for the Talent Accelerator Program.

TTEC: Great! The time is now for 2020 undergrad graduates looking to drive innovation, transform business and tap into their potential. The application cycle is now open until the end of August for TTEC’s inaugural Talent Accelerator Program. Students will become a part of a global, values-based, customer obsessed organization where we’ll partner alongside them to tap into their potential. Students will start work remotely in October, and then relocate to Denver, CO later to work in headquarters.
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Monique: This has been an exciting and informative conversation. Thank you for your time and interest in recruiting at Duke.

TTEC: My pleasure. We look forward to meeting and recruiting amazing Duke students.