Design Your Duke Experience

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
Design your Duke. First-year Initiative. Duke University Career Center

The Career Center has 6 cool suggestions for you to begin to design your Duke experience!

Class of 2022 are you deciding about how you can begin to be actively engaged within Duke? Well, never fear, as you continue throughout your fall semester take some time to reflect on your interests and how you would like to be involved on campus. You can use the below activities to help you with reflection and keep track of your progress this semester. Go ahead, grab your laptop or a pen and paper.

  1. Begin by reflecting on what you enjoy doing and how you enjoy spending your spare time. Take a few minutes and list up to 5 of your interests
  2. Name an organization or hobby you have been involved in and you enjoyed.
  3. Go to DukeGroups and find an organization that is similar to the organization or hobby named above. Jot that down.
  4. Connect with at least three individuals who share the same interests as you such as peers, faculty, alumni, and RAs. Write down who they are when you do.
  5. Visit the Career Center for Drop-in Advising or schedule an individual appointment through CareerConnections. Write down the date you will visit Drop-in Advising and/or your appointment date and time.
  6. Check out all of the Career Center events/workshops in the Fall register and attend at least three. Write down those titles and enter the dates, times and locations in your calendar.

Continue to check in with us through Drop-in Advising and appointments, and stop to chat after a workshop. We are invested in your success.