Diversity Within the Workplace–Is it important to you?

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

As you are researching potential companies to apply for jobs or internships, I’m sure you’re taking a lot of things into consideration. You want to determine whether or not these companies will provide the experience you are looking for, the geographic location, the mission and values of the company, the skills you will have an opportunity to use, refine, and learn, and the relationships you will be able to build.

Something else that you may want to think about is, whether diversity is important to you?

If so, I would strongly suggest that you take a look at whether or not the company has any diversity initiatives or if diversity is incorporated in their mission, values, goals, or priorities. You may even be interested in how diverse the makeup of the staff is, and if so, you can use Diversity Reports, which is an awesome resource to view and compare company diversity data.

DiversityReports.org Diversity data on companies.

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