DSG Letter to Families

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Liv McKinney


Dear Duke families,

Duke Student Government (DSG) serves as the liaison between students and the Duke administration. To best fulfill our role, DSG partners with students and student groups to collaboratively raise concerns to the administration. Simultaneously, DSG aims to help the administration improve transparency and communication to the student body.

Our Student Senate is comprised of five committees: Academic Affairs, Campus Life, Durham and Regional Affairs, Equity and Outreach, and Services and Sustainability. Each of these groups aim to improve our university and the student experience, and go hand in hand with many of the goals identified in President Price’s strategic framework.

We are working on projects striving to improve our academic environment by redefining how we think about the learning experience to include wellness, mentorship, and accessibility. We are working to build a safer and more inclusive campus culture by focusing on residence life, athletics, and sexual assault prevention. We are committed to establishing meaningful student and University engagement in Durham. We aim to assure all University policies and programs are equitable for prospective and current students by working with identity groups on campus. Lastly, we are dedicated to finding ways to improve the services offered to student, and prioritize sustainability across our campus. Our vision for the future of Duke includes excelling in these areas to assure students are facing no barriers to success here, challenging themselves academically, engaging with our city, and building community.

For more information on our different committees and the other parts of our organization, or to read about ongoing projects aimed at bettering our University, check out dukestudentgovernment.org.

I am lucky enough to be serving as the President of this organization and for our undergraduate student body. If there is anything in particular you would like to see DSG focus on or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Liv McKinney (she/her/hers)

Duke Student Government | President 

ojm5@duke.edu | dukestudentgovernment.org