Duke Bucket List

A Devil's Perspective. Raksha '21

As a senior reflecting on my four years at Duke, I’ve embarked on a lot of adventures. I picked up a minor I never expected, lived experiences which completely changed my perspective, and decided on a career path that I didn’t even realize existed four years ago. So here’s a short bucket list to guide you in your exploration of all Duke has to offer. Though some experiences may have to wait until after this pandemic, many are still completely possible (thank you Zoom!)  

[  ] Befriend someone who is completely unlike you 

[  ] FLUNCH a professor (or VLearn)

[  ] Form a lasting relationship with a professor or faculty member 

[  ] Take a class that doesn’t fulfill any of your requirements 

[  ] Join a club for something for your hobbies or passions 

[  ] Join a professional development club like DSP, BOW, DTech, Catalyst 

[  ] Grab a late-night meal at Pitchforks 

[  ] Eat the pumpkin bread from Vondy or Café (trust me, it’s incredible) 

[  ] Take a cooking class at Chef’s Kitchen so you can finally upgrade from microwaved ramen 

[  ] Get ice cream from Maple View Farm and watch the sunset 

[  ] Check out the resume and cover letter guides on the Career Center website 

[  ] Check out the CareerConnections portal and upload your resume 

[  ] Have your resume reviewed by the Career Center by making an appointment on CareerConnections 

[  ] Buy fresh produce from the Durham Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 

[  ] Meet with a Director of Academic Engagement if you feel lost or confused  

[  ] Overload with a service-learning course or house course 

[  ] Hike in the Eno River State Park 

[  ] Attend an on-campus career fair 

[  ] Create a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with fellow Duke students 

[  ] Visit Duke’s Reclamation Pond on Circuit Dr (it’s a hidden gem)  

[  ] Take a chelfie (Chapel selfie) 

[  ] Take a tour of the Lemur Center 

[  ] Tent in Kville!!! 

[  ] Embark on a DukeEngage program or semester abroad 

[  ] Attend an on-campus concert (Heatwave, Pchecks, or LDOC) 

[  ] Schedule an appointment with a career adviser via CareerConnections 

[  ] Study in the Duke Gardens (maybe with a Locopop in hand) 

[  ] Eat a meal on the roof of Environment Hall 

[  ] Find a favorite study spot (I suggest the reading nooks on Rubenstein’s third floor, or the study rooms in Gross Hall) 

[  ] Attend office hours to clear up a concept or just to chat with the professor 

[  ] Attend a Career Center workshop or event  

[  ] Listen to a mysterious stranger play the grand piano in the Wellness Center 

[  ] Vote on campus when there’s an election 

[  ] Eat dinner at the Commons or brunch at the Nasher on food points 

[  ] Pet some happy dogs in Perkins during midterms or finals week 

[  ] Email a duke alumnus to discover more about an industry you’re interested in 

[  ] When there’s a snow day, PLAY IN THE SNOW (and tease your friends from Florida who think it’s too cold) 

[  ] Research a new industry you’re interested in (here are some starting resources) 

[  ] And most of all, have fun and make the most of your Duke experience!