Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering


The mobile ordering application will be hosted through the former Blackboard Incorporated Business Unit, known as Transact. The application currently hosts up to nineteen schools, allowing  institutions to customize their individual portals for each of their unique dining programs. The decision to use the Transact mobile ordering application was based on the convenience of Duke customers being able to pay with their dining plan or credit card, the security specifications that align with Duke University’s standards and customizable, unique marketing features that other applications do not offer.

Aris Marton, associate director of retail operations for Duke Dining, has been spearheading this project since 2018 ensuring that the mobile ordering option is secure, user friendly, and unique to Duke University. “By creating a virtual cue Duke Dine-Out allows our guests to be more efficient with their time. The application creates a seamless process for our guests to order and pay prior to arriving at the restaurant. This valuable tool allows the end user to pick up and go upon the notification that their order is ready,” Marton says.

The Loop Pizza Grill is the first Duke Dining location to participate in the Duke Dine-Out mobile ordering application, with Il Forno coming on board next. The Loop underwent several weeks of beta testing to ensure the security and accuracy of the process and has been accepting orders since  mid-September. “I’m hoping that this is a very seamless transition. I’m very curious to see the sales percentage and where that takes The Loop,” says Marton. “If all goes well with The Loop, then we’re looking to add Il Forno in the fall and Trinity Café in the spring, and will hopefully have the ability to bring more Duke Dining venues on board soon after.”

Instructions on how to download and use the Duke Dine-Out mobile ordering application can be found here or on the Duke Dining website at dining.duke.edu.

To find more information about Transact, Duke Dine-Out’s host application please visit: https://www.blackboard.com/campus-access-card/blackboard-transact.html.