Duke Dining Announces New Vendors on Campus



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August 17, 2021

Duke Dining is announcing the partnership of three local vendors to operate The Devil’s Krafthouse, and the cafes at Duke University’s Law School and Divinity School.

Executive Director of Duke Dining, Robert Coffey said, “In keeping up with Duke’s first-class reputation the vendors selected by the stakeholder committees for these three venues will be capable of producing world-class food and innovative services.”

Co-Chairs of the Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee (DUSDAC) were included in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process because student voice and feedback is instrumental to the success of Duke Dining’s program.

DUSDAC Co-Chair and Duke Class of 2022 Senior, Alix Rosenberg, said, “I truly enjoyed the vendor selection process and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to participate. It was incredible to see the passion that each prospective vendor has for their work, clearly illustrated by their creative menus. The new vendors seem very excited about getting more involved with Duke and working with Duke students! They plan on bringing back what all students loved about these locations, and will enhance the experience by adding some new features and menu items.”

DUSDAC Co-Chair and Duke Class of 2023 Junior, Aidan Gildea, said, "I am very pleased with the outcome of the vendor selection process and appreciative to Dining for letting us students voice our interests. The Devil’s Krafthouse and the Divinity and Law School cafes were sorely missed last year, so I know students will enjoy the return of familiar options in these locations, as well as new foods introduced by the incoming vendors. I know the new vendors are prepared to revive these spaces once again and I'm excited for all students to give them a try."

The Devil’s Krafthouse will be operated by Thrive Kitchen and Catering. Thrive Kitchen and Catering currently operates Café 300, located at the 300 Swift Avenue apartments, on central campus. Co-founder and Partner at Thrive Kitchen and Catering, Reed Frankel said, “We have had the privilege of serving the Duke community with Thrive Kitchen & Catering since spring semester 2018. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy of The Devil’s Krafthouse and look forward to creating a community space where students, faculty, staff, & alumni can enjoy great food & beverages as well as get-togethers for a variety of events throughout the year. In addition to offering catering for all types of groups, we will have karaoke, trivia, and other regular events to bring people together.”

Beyu Blue Café at Duke Law, will be operated by Beyu Caffé, a local coffeehouse and café located in Downtown Durham. Beyu Caffé also operates Beyu Blue Coffee at the Bryan Center. Offering delicious coffee beverages and grab and go selections, Beyu Blue opened in 2018 and has been warmly received by the Duke Community. Duke Alumnus and Founder of Beyu Caffé, Dorian Bolden, said, “We’re thrilled to bring Beyu Caffé to Duke University’s campus along with our existing Beyu Blue Coffee location. As a Duke alumnus, I look forward to sharing the Beyu Caffé dining experience, one that so many, locally, have grown to love, with the Duke Community I love.  The Duke Dining team has been an exemplary partner for our joint success and I’m grateful for all they do for the vendors, and of course the students."

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Crystal Libby, said, “We are very excited to welcome Beyu Caffé to Duke Law School. The team at Beyu has been wonderful to work with during this transition.  Beyu has put together a great menu that will bring fresh new food options to the Law School and greater Duke community.”

Zweli’s Café at Duke Divinity will be operated by Zweli’s, a local, Durham restaurant favorite, offering authentic, Zimbabwean cuisine. Owner and Chef, Zweli Williams said, “Zweli’s joining the Duke community is in the highest regard for us. We planted our efforts to grow a community-based business in Durham, mostly because of the demand for our concept at Duke. Now, it’s more than a reality. We are now an integral part of a world-class institution, serving students, faculty and staff from all over the world, all while expanding our footprint of amazing flavors and love for all of Durham.”

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance for the Divinity School, Carl Weisner said, “We are delighted and honored to welcome Chef Zweli and her team to this space in Duke Divinity School. Their values and commitments are a wonderful match to those of Duke and the Divinity School.  The delicious food will nourish our bodies and their presence on campus will enrich our community.”

Coffey said, “Each one of these restaurants will offer authentic cuisine and will serve menus unique to the individual restaurants. We look forward to introducing these vendors to the Duke community.”

The Devil’s Krafthouse opened on August 16th, and Beyu Blue Café at Duke Law, and Zweli’s Café at Duke Divinity will open fall semester with official opening dates to be announced soon. Please visit dining.duke.edu and follow @dukedining on social media for more information.