Employer Spotlight: Q & A with Oracle Recruiter

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Monique Turrentine, Assistant Director Employer Relations, Duke Career Center

I always enjoy seeing Nikki’s bright smile and friendly demeanor at our Career Center events. Nikki Harris Kemp is the Recruiter at Oracle, and over the past few years she’s been the “face of Oracle” at our Student & Employer Diversity Symposium, TechConnect, and Fall Career Fair. She enthusiastically talks about the Business Development Consultant position at Oracle, and I can only imagine that the work environment is just as exciting as her energy. So I asked Nikki to share some information about the position. I’m sure you’ll be eager to apply after reading more from our conversation.

Question: Nikki, it’s so great to connect with you again. I want our students to know more about the Business Development Consultant position, could you share some highlights?
Yes- there are several entry level business development and inside sales roles at Oracle. In Oracle Digital, for instance, team members often work in conjunction with field sales to improve sales resource utilization for market coverage, focus on solution selling, and they have direct revenue responsibility – which is a huge impact when starting with a global company. The other discipline areas and sales specializations include services, hardware, technology, and applications products; all within Oracle’s world-class global strategic sales group. We’re hiring in Austin, TX; Burlington, MA (Boston area); and Reston, VA (Washington DC area).

Question: This would also be a great opportunity for students interested in careers in marketing, as well as business and consulting. I’m sure the training program for this level of direct impact must be in-depth.
 Oracle is fast-paced, so we provide a comprehensive training program. And new hires highly benefit from the performance-based compensation.

Question: So tell me more about what you love about Oracle and it’s products.
I love Oracle’s comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. We provide a complete technology stack both in the cloud and in the data center.

Question: So, what organizations use your products?
Our clients include some of the largest corporations and governments in the world. We have market-leading products!

Question: One final question, what can students look forward to when they join you at Oracle?
Oracle employees enjoy competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, and a network of like-minded co-workers that drive innovation across the entire technology industry. We’d especially love to have December graduates join us at Oracle. Students can apply in CareerConnections

--I hope you will have a look at Oracle’s posting in CareerConnections.