First-Year Move-In Specifics Communication (by building)



Email sent to all incoming first-year students, by East Campus residence hall

Monday, August 2, 2021


Hello [[Profile..First_Name]],

We are so excited that you'll soon be joining our East Campus community here at Duke. Duke is often referred to as a special place with rich traditions, remarkable academic programs and faculty, and a robust student life with numerous ways to get involved. Living and learning in the residence halls are core features to the amazing college experience available on campus, and the FACs, Resident Assistants, Graduate Residents, and Residence Life professional staff are eager to engage you in creating inclusive, resilient, and joy-filled communities in the coming weeks.

Last week you received an email outlining what you can expect during First-Year Move-In on East Campus on Tuesday, August 17. Today, we're sharing additional details about Move-In Day specific to your residence hall community. In this email, you'll find more information about your arrival packet (attached to this email), details about your move-in time and entry point, and additional guidelines and best practices. If you have any questions about the move-in process or logistics, please contact the New Student Programs team at

We all look forward to meeting you when you arrive on campus in a couple of weeks. When you see us around, please come and say hi! 

Residence Coordinator

Dr. Brandin Howard
Associate Dean for East Campus

Your Arrival Packet
Attached to this email, you'll find maps designating your move-in entrance, directions to the Science Drive Garage (on West Campus) for after you move in on East Campus, and your parking placard. You will need to print the parking placard prior to your arrival and fill out the contact information. It must be visible to gain access to East Campus during your move-in time and at your designated entrance. 

Your Particular Move-In Time and Entry Point

  • Your move-in time is [...]
  • You are designated to use entrance [...]

Additional Move-in Guidelines: 

  • Bring a mask! Due to the surge in cases from the Delta variant, Duke has recently announced that indoor masking is required for all, regardless of vaccination status. Due to the number of people who will be in close proximity on campus during move-in, we encourage all students and guests to mask during the duration of the move-in process. Masks will be required in campus locations such as Brodie Recreation Center and Penn Pavilion.
  • We suggest that students label all of your personal items for move-in (boxes, luggage, bags, etc.) with your name, building, and room number. This will assist with the move-in process.
  • Proceed to East Campus ONLY at your designated move-in time. Each residence hall will be prepared to welcome you at your designated time. You cannot move in early.
  • Use the entrance indicated on your placard for the easiest access to your residence hall. This will ensure the most effective flow of traffic on move-in day.
  • Each student is permitted one vehicle on East Campus for unloading. We ask that all students adhere to this guideline, so we can avoid excessive congestion and slow down the move-in process for everyone.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended while on East Campus for unloading. At least one person must remain with your vehicle at all times.
  • Student volunteers will help you unload your vehicle on East Campus. After your car is unloaded, it should be immediately moved to the Science Drive Garage on West Campus (see attachment for detailed instructions).
  • Always use the Science Drive Garage following your unloading and while on West Campus. Shuttle buses will transport you to the Bryan Center or East Campus from the Science Drive Garage. Please note that face masks are required for all students, staff, and visitors on campus busses.
  • You may begin to park your car on East Campus (in designated parking spots) after 5:00 p.m. on August 17.
  • Remember to print out your parking placard and maps! They are attached to this email.