Flag of the Week: Austria

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Eva Hong

Austria is a country of nearly 9 million people in Central Europe. The majority of the population speaks local Bavarian dialects as their native language, and German in its standard form is the country's official language. Other local official languages are Hungarian, Burgenland Croatian, and Slovene. The capital and largest city, with a population exceeding 1.8 million, is Vienna. Other major urban areas of Austria include Graz, Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck. The republic declared its perpetual neutrality in foreign political affairs in 1955.


Austria was the birthplace of many famous composers such as Joseph HaydnMichael HaydnFranz LisztFranz SchubertAnton BrucknerJohann Strauss, Sr. and Johann Strauss, Jr. Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent much of their career in Vienna. If you are a musician, then Vienna is definitely the place to visit to learn more about the lives of great musicians and get inspiration!

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Due to the mountainous terrain, alpine skiing is a prominent sport in Austria and is extremely valuable in the promotion and economic growth of the country. Similar sports such as snowboarding or ski-jumping are also widely popular. The first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012 were held in Innsbruck.

Fun fact: Vienna has the oldest zoo in the world. It was founded in 1752.


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