Flag of the Week: Brunei

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Brunei is an independent Islamic sultanate on the northern coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

Symbols on the Flag

The crescent represents Islam, the state religion. The parasol at the top is a symbol of royalty. A ribbon below the crescent has the inscription “Brunei darussalam”, which translates to “Brunei, abode of peace”.

[Image: Flag of Brunei]

Fast Facts

Area: 2,226 mi² (5,765 km²)

Population: 459,300

Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

Language: Malay

Religion: Islam

Currency: Brunei dollar (B$)


Brunei consists of a narrow coastal plain in the north, which gives way to rugged hills in the south. The country’s highest point is Pagon Peak (6,070 feet [1,850 metres]), in the southeast.

Famous People

Hassanal Bolkiah has been the Prime Minister of Brunei since 1984.

Paula Malai Ali is a presenter for Fox News Asia, and a former veejay for Channel V.

Food + Culture

One unique dish from Brunei is Brunei is ambuyat, a sticky ball wrapped around a bamboo fork and dipped into gravy.

[Image of ambuyat]

Brunei is renowned for its metalwork, which includes gongs and cannons. Gongs are also valued as musical instruments.

[Image of woman with gong]