The Flag of the Week: Croatia

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Elena Cavallero

Croatia, country of wild nature, intriguing history, and extremely welcoming people, it is gradually gaining popularity among tourists heading to Europe. So, if you are planning a summer adventure or want to learn more about this country, scroll down and explore Croatia with us!

First and foremost, as every prepared tourist landing in a new country, we have to be aware of the highlights of the history and culture of the country. Croatia’ history goes back to the 5,000BC, since then, a series of migratory flows heading to the Eastern Adriatic coast mixed population and customs in this florid land on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Their culture reflects the mix of the Mediterranean traditions of hosting and sailing with the Serbian firmness and organization. The architecture of the Croatian cities themselves tells a story of different civilizations coming together (img1).

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(Sibenik, Croatia)

The fascinating history and natural landscapes drive the Croatian economy, where the service and industrial sectors provide the main source of GDP. The population of Croatia is 4.3 million (about one-half of New York City). The majority of Croatian live in Zagreb, the country’s capital, even though the 1,200 islands on the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea attract most of the tourist population. Indeed, almost 12 million tourists per year enjoy the Croatian islands, 8 national parks and, 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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(Dubrovnik, Croatia)


The favorite destinations for tourists are: Dubrovnik, a medieval city on the south coast, Plitvice Lakes waterfalls, and Hvar, the hub of European night life & celebrities. Croatia is finally famous for the quality of the food and their renowned wine.

(Hvar, Croatia)

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(Plitvice Lakes, Croatia)

Fun Fact: Croatia is the homeland of the first necktie, the Dalmatian dog, and the smallest city in the world!

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Source: Local Histories - YouTube