Flag of the week: Dominican Republic

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Elena Cavallero

The Dominican Republic is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. The western third of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti, making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands that are occupied by two countries.

Inhabited by Taínos since the seventh century, the territory of the Dominican Republic was reached by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and became the site of the first permanent European settlement in the Americas, namely Santo Domingo, the country's capital and Spain's first capital in the New World.

Flag of the week:  Dominican Republic

The country's economic progress is exemplified by its advanced telecommunication system. International migration greatly affects the country, as it receives and sends large flows of migrants. Music and sport are of the highest importance in Dominican culture, with merengue as the national dance and song and baseball the favorite sport.

Flag of the week:  Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has become the Caribbean's largest tourist destination; the country's year-round golf courses are among the top attractions. In this mountainous land is located the Caribbean's highest mountain, Pico Duarte, as is Lake Enriquillo, the Caribbean's largest lake and lowest elevation. The most popular destinations are 1. the historical Santo Domingo (oldest city in the Americas) 2. Ecological parks and reserves 3. National Botanical Garden 4. Hoyo Azul (turquois-water lagoon) 5. the beach and night life in Punta Cana.

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