Flag of the Week: El Salvador

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Clara Bonzi Teixeira
El Salvador Infographic: see the text below for more information


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El Salvador 

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely packed country in Central America.

Symbols on the Flag

  • National motto “dios, unión, libertad” (“God, union, liberty”)

  • White stripe represents peace

  • Blue stripes represent the two oceans that border Central America

Fast Facts

  • Area: 8,123 sq mi (21,041 sq km)

  • Population: 6,830,000

  • Capital: San Salvador

  • Language: Spanish, Nahua (official)

  • Religions: Catholicism and Christianity

  • Currency: U.S. Dollar


[map of El Salvador]

El Salvador is a mountainous country with significant volcanic activity. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Famous Figures
[images of Valentin Estrada and Jorge Alberto González Barillas]

Valentin Estrada was declared the national sculptor by the government and made his work widely accessible.

"El Mágico" González is one of the country's most famous soccer players.

Food and Culture

[image of pupusa]

Pupusa is El Salvador's national dish. It is a thick, stuffed corn tortilla usually filled with cheese, beans, and meat.

[image of soccer ball on a field with the Salvadorian flag on it]

Soccer is an extremely popular sport and pastime in El Salvador. El Salvador has qualified for the FIFA World Cup twice.