Flag of the Week: Hong Kong- the Fragrant Harbor

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Elena Cavallero

As one of the most glamorous and exotic destinations in Asia, Hong Kong is a special administrative region located on the southern coast of the People Republic of China. The name Hong Kong translates into “fragrant harbor” traditionally due to the natural sweet water and the incense factories that would lie on the banks.

Occupied by the British and Japanese for a long time, it officially became independent in 1997 and is nowadays considered one of the most important financial centers and expensive cities with a GDP of 412 billion dollars. Hong Kong is also one of the most densely populated places on the planet with a characteristic architecture featuring Cantonese and colonial traditions.

Hong Kong

Visitors in Honk Kong can enjoy a variety of sightseeing and dining experiences, form street food markets, to shopping in Temple Street, to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.  At the top of the Kowloon Peninsula is Tsim Sha Tsui, an area filled with classic neighborhoods that overlooks Victoria Harbor. A must see!!

Another experience not to miss is the tram (or hike) to the island’s highest mountain, Victoria Peak. This will bring you to one of the best views in Hong Kong. From there you will enjoy the view of skyscrapers and apartment towers, but you will also be able to spot Hong Kong pockets of peace like the Po Lin Street Garden.

The islands offer way more to see and the excellent public transport allows you to reach quit beaches and natural reserves on the suburbs. One of the most magical destination is Tai O, a village of fishing families with ramshackle stilt houses and delicious dried seafood.

We could list many other experiences for visitors in Hong Kong, but we simply encourage you to go and see with your eyes the wonders of Hong Kong!