Flag of the Week: Hungary

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Clara Bonzi Teixeira
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Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe. [picture of Hungarian flag]

The white color symbolizes the rivers of Hungary, the green color symbolizes the mountains, and the red color symbolizes the blood flowing in many wars.

Fast Facts

Area: 35,919 mi2 Population: 9,672,000 Capital: Budapest Languages: Hungarian Religion: no official religion Currency: Forint (HUF)


[picture of Budapest, the Hungarian capital]
Landlocked, Hungary shares a border to the north with Slovakia, to the northeast with Ukraine, to the east with Romania, to the south with Serbia and Croatia, to the southwest with Slovenia, and to the west with Austria. Hungary is centered around its capital city.

Famous Figures

[picture of János Áder]
János Áder has been serving as the president of Hungary since 2012.

[picture of Dániel Gyurta]
Dániel Gyurta is a Hungarian Olympic swimmer who set several records and won two medals, one gold and one silver.

Food + Culture

[picture of pot of stew]
Goulash, meaning "herdsman", is the Hungarian national food; it is a stew consisting of meat and vegetables.

[picture of man crafting table]
Celebrated on December 13, Luca Day marks Hungary’s annual Winter Solstice. Hungarians have a variety of traditions on Luca Day, the most important of which is the carving of the Luca Chair.