Flag of the Week: Lebanon

Author name
Elena Cavallero

This week let’s explore the country where you can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon of the same day!

Lebanon is located in the rocky area of West Asia known as the Levant, surrounded by Syria and Israel. The country is divided in 4 main geographical regions with the capital city located in Beirut. The other famous cities are Tripoli in the north and Tyre in the south. The name Lebanon means “white” in Phoenician, referring to the snowy mountains.


Lebanon has a long and rich history. The borders today date back to the Ottoman Empire. Additionally, the town of Byblos is possibly the oldest city, built around 5000 BC. Today the country is one of the most modern of West Asia. Lebanon has 6 million people and the most refugee per capita (200/1000). About 95% of the population is Arab, with 18 recognized religions.


Some must-to-visit include: the ruins of Baalbek, beaches of Jounieh, temple of Bacchus and Jupiter, sky resort in Faraya, Jeita grotto, and then Cedar forest reserve (also represented on the national flag).

When it comes to Lebanese food there are a variety of different delicious plates creating a mix of Middle Eastern and Western. The most famous dishes are Kibbeh, Tabouleh, Fattoush Manoushc.

Fun Fact: The population of Lebanon has not been officially surveyed since 1932. The prime reason for the same is political sensitivity over religious association