Flag of the week: the Philippines

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Elena Cavallero

Often considered a dream destination, the Philippines is the nation of green rice fields, never sleeping megacities, and volcanoes.

The Philippines, located in South-East Asia, has more than 7,000 islands all preserving amazing beaches, and marine life. The land is highly populated given that it sits at the 12th most populous countries in the world with a growth rate at 2%. In 1946 the Philippines gained independence after years of strikes against the American and Spanish sovereignty.

Flag of the week: the Philippines

This country is rich with all sorts of different types of life representing one of the most ecologically diverse environments. It also preserves many cultural landscapes world heritage sites such as the rice terraces of the cordillera. The society is also rich of different customs, the majority of which are very dependent on Christian festivities. Although the country is experiencing a tremendous boom, 11% of its population works abroad.

The top destinations include: the island of Siargao, Badian (for some jumps in the water between the cliffs), and the island of Coron (not as busy as the other islands).

Flag of the week: the Philippines

Fun fact about the Philippines is that they are the largest suppliers of nurses in the world.