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Singapore, also called the Lion city, is an island located on the southern tip of Asia at the edge of Malaya. Singapore is a state-city: one of the rare cases where if you visit a city you also visit the whole country! But the limited geographical extension doesn’t mean that this place has little to offer. Indeed, Singapore is one of the most wonderful “melting pots” of culture in the world.

For most people the fascination for Singapore starts with the “order” that the urban development communicates. Skyscrapers, tropical gardens, and food markets are all rigorously organized in an almost utopist urban plan where transportation and services function perfectly.

Singapore is a model of efficiency not only on for urban development, but also in the economic growth that the island has seen in recent years. The south Asian island is considered by many the technology hub of Asia, with many Western and Eastern banks and companies opening offices in the city. Singapore is indeed the country with the 3rd largest foreign exchange market, 3rd largest financial center globally.

The florid economics and possibility of trade, over the years attracted many different populations that nowadays form the diverse nationals of Singapore. The city blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions. The four official languages are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English.

The favorite attractions for tourists vary from tropical gardens, to the Hawker centers where people can explore a variety of different cuisines on a street food style outdoor hub. Here you taste the famous Singapore’s dishes such as fried rice, carrot cake, kaya toast, and other delights. The Chinatown Heritage center and the Peranakan museum also attracts many tourists interested in Asian culture. The islands of Singapore, historical and cultural wonders, are also one of the favorite destinations.

Fun fact: A little final note about this state-city: Singapore legalities are very strict. To maintain “order” of in the city many are the penalties for every kind of uncivil action such as throwing chewing gums on the floor, or not flush the toilet after use.

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