FYrst Contact Spotlight: Accenture Consulting

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

First years did you know that the Career Center has a program exclusively for you called Fyrst Contact? Well, we do, and it is an amazing program. This program connects first-year students with companies and employers who are interested in engaging with first years. Fyrst Contact is offered virtually and it is more of an information session versus a recruitment session. Keep in mind, some of the companies who participate are looking for interns and will provide that information during the session.
You can view and register for these sessions through CareerConnections.

Here I would like to spotlight Accenture Consulting (Strategy + Consulting) as they recently held a virtual session to talk with students and answer questions. Claire Kaptinski ‘17 and Emma Crossman ’19, who are both Duke Alums, discussed their roles at Accenture within Strategy + Consulting and answered student questions! Below is a brief overview about Accenture Consulting, the roles of strategy + consulting, and how they would like to continue to engage with first years!

A Little About Accenture

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  • Accenture is a consulting company which has recently been reorganized to show all areas within Accenture. Those areas are: Accenture Strategy +Consulting, Accenture Interactive, Accenture Technology, and Accenture Operations.
  • Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. They serve clients within 120+ countries.
  • Claire states that the best analogy to describe the work they do is to “think of consulting firms as doctors for businesses.”
  • The role of consulting is to help their clients solve problems that are really important to them. This may involve developing customized products and services, shifting business models, and building trust-based relationships.
  • Their core values are Stewardship, Best People, Integrity, One Global Network, Client Value Creation, and Respect for Individual.
  • Accenture describes the work they do by stating “we don’t sell our services, we offer our people to serve you as a client.”

What is “Strategy + Consulting”?

  • The strategy part includes assessing the client’s vision and strengths/weaknesses, diagnosing the problem, strategizing and conducting research, and recommending a strategy that addresses the diagnosis.
  • Consulting involves enacting the strategy, monitoring and making adjustments as needed, and training clients on the changes which have been implemented.

What does working at Accenture (Strategy + Consulting) look like?

  • A typical week at Accenture can involve a lot including:
    • Training at a client site
    • Working on deliverables
    • Interviewing clients
    • Team brainstorming
    • Team meetings
    • Campus recruiter calls
    • Data analysis
    • Volunteer events
    • Team dinner
  • Accenture promotes team building by providing opportunities for teams to engage in escape rooms, team dinners, team outings, and volunteer events.
  • At Accenture, Claire states, you will have “a career filled with enriching work and personal experiences.”
  • When looking for students to fill internships, they like to see motivation and involvement on campus, an interest in a consulting career, strong academic performance, ability to creatively and analytically solve problems, and excellent leadership.
First Year Contact

If you are interested in learning more about Accenture, feel free to connect with Claire or Emma on LinkedIn and keep up with Accenture on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter!

Please take advantage of the FYrst Contact program so you can research and explore various industries and organizations as you are making decisions about your interests and career paths!