Get Ready for the SEC and ACC Virtual Career Fair –4/2


The SEC & ACC Virtual Career Fair offers students the opportunity to chat with employers. Take advantage of this free event

Virtual Career Fair. April 2, 2020. Featuring SEC and ACC Universities.

to chat with companies with internships and full-time job opportunities. For registration information and tips to maximize your virtual career fair experience, read on.

Why You Should Go

  • 168 Employers from industries like manufacturing, consulting, media, healthcare, and technology 
  • Early- and Late-Stage Opportunities including internships and full-time jobs
  • Testimonials to see why others found the virtual fair to be valuable,

How Should You Prepare­­

Woman talking into mic at computer
  • Register in advance of the event.
    To create a schedule for yourself, based on the employers and job opportunities available, use the 'Add To Calendar' feature to remind yourself about when to log in to the chat room with that organization.
    • Complete the short profile–including work eligibility, your school/Duke Univ. and so on.
  • Research employers to see how they fit into their industry and what makes them unique. How?
    • Directly through the event page - select the company name in blue and a new window will open with a company profile.
    • Company's website - check the ‘About Us’ page and also look at what positions they have posted.
    • LinkedIn - what kind of backgrounds do employees have and are any employees Duke alums?
    • CareerConnections - each company has a brief overview and most have contact information for recruiters.
  • Prepare questions to ask employers to help keep a chat going. Identify a few good, company-specific questions that you cannot answer through your research.
  • Update your resume and have it ready to share if an employer requests it at or following the virtual fair. If you're looking for assistance with your resume, check out the Drop-in Career Advising hours with Career Center advisers.

When sharing your resume with employers, send it as a PDF to maintain formatting across platforms.

How to Navigate the Fair

  • Plan out your strategy so you don't miss any of your top employers.
    [View the full fair schedule]
  • Use search filters to search by Visa sponsorship, degrees accepted/required, position type, and job location.
  • Communicate clearly since you'll be communicating with employers by typing messages to them. Write in complete sentences and try to avoid using abbreviations. Make your introduction brief–think of your 6 word story–how would you describe yourself as it relates to the job you're seeking in a few words as possible. 
  • Ask informed questions to employers.
    [Several example questions]
  • Communicate your key skills related to the job opportunity through strong action verbs and example experiences. This will help you stand out among students from other universities who will also be attending the virtual career fair.

What to do for Follow Up After the Fair

  • Continue the connection with employers by sending the representative(s) a LinkedIn request. Also, send a thank you email or customized LinkedIn message to the representatives if they provided their email address.
  • Apply to jobs that fit your interests, skills, values, and priorities.
  • Create company-specific cover letters, which you can have reviewed during Drop-in Career Advising
  • Prepare for interviews with one-on-one appointments with Career Center advisers, schedule in CareerConnections or with a virtual practice interview in the OptimalResume tool.