How to Eat Like a Healthy Devil    

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Duke Student Health Nutrition

Welcome to Duke!

Whether you are a first year student away from home for the first time, or returning as an upperclassman and ready to explore your dining options on West, you might want some tips about how to eat well on campus. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Think of healthy eating as having three components, timing, balance and mindfulness.

  1. Timing. Remember to eat regularly throughout the day; you can’t expect to get through your busy days if you don’t have energy (and food is energy!). A common mistake many students make is skipping meals or going too many hours without eating. If you have the First Year Board plan don’t forget to eat a small meal or snack (or two) to keep you going between meals (that’s what food points are for).

Believe it or not, eating more consistently throughout the day will also help with weight management.

If you are too hungry and faced with an “all you care to eat” meal option at dinner, you are likely to overeat. You might think you are getting your money’s worth, but your body will pay the price.

Think you are too busy to stop and eat? There are many options for grab and go meals and snacks on West Campus, Trinity Café on East or even The Lobby Shop.

If you have time for a sit down meal midday that’s even better.  Check out your options here.

  1. Balance. Make sure to include some lean protein, veggies and/or fruit and whole grains at most meals. Balancing Your Plate will keep you on the right track to healthy eating, sustained energy and weight management.
  2. Mindfulness. Above all remember to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortably full. Assessing your hunger and fullness by taking an intentional pause before and during meals helps you know how much you need and when you have had enough.

Eating too little or too much will keep you thinking about food instead of focused on all the other things you want to do at Duke.

Eat what you like, get enough of it and get on with your day!

Have a great year!

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