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Flow Traders Spotlight with Duke Alumni, Chris Arora '19

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Chris Arora graduated from Duke in 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. He joined Flow Traders’ Graduate Trader program in the Fall of 2019. We caught up for a quick Q&A to share more about Chris’ experience trading at Flow Traders.

Flow Traders is a global proprietary trading firm, headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in New York City, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Cluj and Singapore. As liquidity providers (or market makers), their role in the market is to provide bid and ask prices in several asset classes, with a strong focus on Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and expanding into other asset classes such as FX, Crypto and Fixed Income. Flow Traders trades their own company capital, manages their own risk and leverages their cutting edge in-house technology platform to spot and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

Q & A with Chris Arora

1) What was your career path leading up to becoming a Trader at Flow Traders?

While at Duke, I interned at Bluefin Trading as a Trading Intern. After graduating college, I joined Flow Traders and am currently a Trader on the developed markets desk.

2) What skills do you think are most important for someone interested in becoming a Trader?

Problem solving and creativity

3) What excites you about being a Trader? What are the rewards of being in your field?

The environment is always constantly changing, no two days are ever the same. You are always able to constantly improve using live feedback from the markets.

4) What attracted you to working at Flow Traders? How would you describe the culture of Flow Traders?

The opportunity to take on responsibility at an early stage. The culture is laid back, yet intense and always collaborative.

5) What general career advice do you have for students who are trying to make decisions about their career path?

Try and keep an open mind, you have the flexibility to mold any career path around your skillset.


If you are thinking about Trading as a Career? 

 For Underclassmen:

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Apply to our 4th Annual Summer Business Course taking place virtually on May 20th through May 21st! The Trading Business Course program is a unique opportunity to learn directly from our trading team, solve complex market problems, and meet other like-minded students with a passion for financial markets.

Applications will close on April 2nd, so make sure to apply here now! We do not sponsor any work visas in the US. However, we do have an office in Amsterdam and Hong Kong and are happy to connect any students interested.


For Seniors:

Globally, Flow Traders are always looking for creative, team-oriented individuals to join our team full-time. You can apply to our Graduate Trader program here or browse available opportunities at all of our locations here. We do not sponsor any work visas in the US. However, we do have an office in Amsterdam and Hong Kong and are happy to connect any students interested.