Internship Funding to Broaden Opportunities


Hey Duke Students! Today, is a really exciting day for me. Not too long ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of finding an internship in my small hometown, in order to eliminate the cost of living elsewhere. I felt forced to live at home and find work experience close by in order to eliminate extra living costs. But, a fellow co-worker of mine just informed me about the Duke Career Center Internship Funding Program!


The goal of the program is to alleviate financial challenges that students may feel associated with participating in internship programs. This form of donor funding provides a focused number of awards to Durham service internships and health service, but also extends its reach to all other employment sectors. The application process requires you to attend a virtual information session in February, be in good academic standing, and submit an application. Yep, you read that correctly… that’s all you have to do! You don’t even have to have the internship just yet, in order to apply for the funding.*

For the duration of the Summer, this program could literally change my life! I want to work with a marketing consulting company in New York City this Summer, but housing costs in the Big Apple are sky high, MetroCard swipes are not free, meals are going to be expensive, and the job is unpaid. Without some sort of assistance, having this experience would be impossible for me. However, with the Internship Funding Program, there is a chance that my vision could become a reality! Thanks Duke!

I hope you guys take advantage of this amazing opportunity. This money comes in the form of a grant, not a loan! Therefore, it is not a sum that you will have to pay back in the future. As college students in America, that should be music to your ears!

*Please note that you will need to have applied and do in fact have to receive the internship by February 28, the day that the selection committee will notify you as to whether or not you’ve been awarded the funding.

Don’t miss out on the Career Center Internship Funding Program and see the Career Center Internship Guide for more information about other funding programs at Duke.


Happy interning,

An eager first year