Internships, Jobs, Opportunities… Where Do I Find Them?!


Hey there Duke students! I hope the Spring semester is treating you well so far. I’m definitely busy with classes, clubs, and Career Center blogging, but I think I’ve finally found my groove. With everything settling in at school, I feel less stressed than I did last semester. It feels like I’ve got a handle on my life, both school and social. But… one thing is still looming over my head like a dark and scary rain cloud. The thought of internships.

Where will I find one? Who will I work for?

Is my resume good enough?

So many deadlines!


While all of these thoughts are incredibly stressful (I’m sure you can relate!), fear not! The Career Center has some exciting events coming up that are sure to relieve some of the pressure… especially for us first-years. The Career & Summer Opportunities Fair is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited! This event, much like the Fall Career Fair, provides another chance to meet employers, job shop, and practice speaking to professionals.

BUT, this time… there’s a twist.

During the Career & Summer Opportunities Fair, in Wilson Gym, the Career Center will be hosting Back Stage Pass.This special event will give first-time Career Fair goers the chance to ask last minute questions, learn how to navigate the fair with the mobile Career Fair guide, and access employer information. A  Career Center guide will also help you think about how to introduce yourself and what questions to ask employers to make a positive and professional first impression!… now that’s what I call a head start! Be sure to print out a few copies of your resume, wear your very best business attire, and come prepared with a positive attitude! Use this event as an opportunity to put your networking skills to good use… I know I will!

Best wishes,
An eager first-year