Jewish Life at Duke Freeman Center 20th Anniversary Spotlight: Scott Finkelstein, '03


As we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Freeman Center for Jewish Life, one of the ways we honor its history and importance to our Jewish community is by collecting and sharing the statements, stories, and memories of those impacted by Jewish Life at Duke's Freeman Center.

Have a story about how Jewish Life at Duke or the Freeman Center has made a difference in your life? Please share your story here. To include a photo, email Lena Wegner.


Scott Finkelstein photo, Duke alumnus '03
Scott Finkelstein, '03

The Freeman Center opened my freshman year at Duke. In fact, I was at the dedication of the Freeman Center, which took place at the bagel brunch during Family Weekend my freshman year. The Freeman Center was an integral part of my college experience at Duke. I attended many Friday night services and dinners and served on the student board in two different capacities. My involvement at the Freeman Center was one of the ways I met a lot of Jewish people on campus and contributed to Jewish life at Duke.

The Freeman Center is important to me, not only because of my historical connection to it, but to my interest in supporting vibrant Jewish life at Duke. I'd like to remain involved as an alumni to assist however I can in furthering this cause.