Jewish Life at Duke Freeman Center 20th Anniversary Spotlight: Eric Weinberg, '06


As we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Freeman Center for Jewish Life, one of the ways we honor its history and importance to our Jewish community is by collecting and sharing the statements, stories, and memories of those impacted by Jewish Life at Duke's Freeman Center.

Have a story about how Jewish Life at Duke or the Freeman Center has made a difference in your life? Please share your story here. To include a photo, email Lena Wegner.


I got to campus in 2002 as a Freshman. The Freeman Center had the best food and it was on the Freshman Meal plan, but better than the pizza, burgers and pasta on East Campus. I'd take all my friends, Jewish and non Jewish to dinner there. I had fond memories of having a more intimate, home style cooked dinner, and elegant place to meet and converse in those formative freshman year months. Thanks Freeman Center! - Eric Weinberg, '03