Jewish Life at Duke Student Spotlight: Perry Wallack, T'21

Perry Wallack image
                       Perry Wallack, T'21

What are your goals for your time at Duke?

I’m a political science major minoring in sociology. I’m looking into religion as I’ve had a need to understand people. Academically, I’m working on understanding interactions on a meta-level. I’m looking to gain perspective of what drives people on a social and political level, while understanding how that falls with social tides. It’s why I signed up to co-teach a house course that focuses on understanding incarceration and education.

What does the Jewish community mean to you?

While some people identify as American first, I identify firstly as Jewish. My priority is the Jewish community. It’s the one community that will always have my back.

With that definition in mind, what does Jewish Life at Duke mean for you?

JLD is balance. We have a home and a feeling of togetherness where we can be understood by our community. We’re like a melting pot. It feels like I’m at home and it’s comfortable.