Jewish Life at Duke: A Virtual Passover 2020


Chag Pesach Sameach — Happy Passover — from Jewish Life at Duke!

Passover 2020

For Passover resources for your Seder at home, an invitation to Jewish Life at Duke's Passover Zeder (Zoom Seder) on April 8, a special Passover message from Rabbi Elana (also below), Religious Gatherings & Social Distancing and Jewish Life at Duke in the Media, click here. Additionally, CNN published a piece about Passover during coronavirus with our very own Rabbi Elana quoted, read it here.


A Passover Message from Rabbi Elana


I want to encourage you to continue to practice social distancing during the holiday, even though it will be hard. Our value of pikuach nefesh (preserving life) is more important at this time than getting together in person for the holiday. We must safeguard health and care for one another, adhere to recommendations from health experts and local governments, and stay home and not gather with folks outside of our current households, and that includes for the Passover Seder.

This is incredibly difficult for many people. It’s against what we consider the spirit of Passover. The spirit of Passover is to welcome family and friends around the table to celebrate. 

Each year during the Seder, we imagine as if we are leaving Mitzrayim — the narrow place. This year, we must do whatever we can to get our community out of this narrow place by practicing social distancing and being generous to those in need.

However you are able to celebrate your Seder, whether it be over Zoom or with just your household or virtually with us at Jewish Life at Duke on April 8 at 7:00 pm, we always end with hope. We end by shouting “Next Year in Jerusalem!” We aspire that next year, we will be in a better place. We want the future to look back on this moment and know that we did what was necessary and we did not give up.

I wish you and your families a Chag Sameach - a special, joyous and meaningful Passover.