Major Mixer Event Follow Up

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
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Class of 2022 the Career Center held the Major Mixer event a few weeks ago, which allowed students the

opportunity to chat with Directors of Undergraduate Studies, Academic Peer Advisors, and a Duke Alum about major and the role it plays in Duke life and beyond. This event was quite a success and there was a great first-year presence available. Should you as a first year be concerned about choosing a major right now? No, not really, but IF you are concerned, there are resources available to assist! We want you to take time to look at different majors, talk to various departments, and attend the Majors Fair to guide in your decision making. However, if you missed Major Mixer or you’re interested in exploring your interests and how major can play a role in your Duke experience, we have some advice for you!

  1. Major does not matter! What you decide to major in should be based on your interests and not what you expect to pursue beyond Duke. Employers and graduate school programs are more interested in your experiences and skills versus what you majored in!
  2. Reflect on your interests, what motivates you, and where you gain your energy!
  3. Utilize the services available to you such as:
    1. Academic advising
    2. The Career Center can guide you in your decision making in regards to major and how it impacts your experience at Duke and beyond. Visit the Career Center for Drop-in Advising or schedule 1:1 appointments through CareerConnections to speak with a career adviser.
    3. Attending Events such as Major Mixer, Majors Fair (October 16), and Secrets to Success (October 24). All of the Career Center events are listed in CareerConnections.

We are excited about your first year and are looking forward to helping you Design Your Duke Experience!