Networking Step by Step from a Duke Alum

Author name
Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

You’re ready to look for internships and jobs and you hear someone tell you to network or start connecting with individuals with like interests, do you know where to start? When thinking about connecting with individuals who share the same interests you do, work for the same company you would like to work for, or are doing things you find awesome, it is always easiest to start speaking with your inner circle, which would include:

  • Peers
  • Faculty
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Friends of family

Let them know your interests, have conversations with them if they can share stories about their experiences, and ask if they know of anyone else you can speak to for additional insight. If you exhaust these interactions or find that you don’t have connections within your inner circle, you can always use the great resource of Duke alumni. You have an extensive network of individuals who have been exactly where you are and can provide insight about their Duke experience and their post-graduation experiences.

At this point, I imagine you may have several questions like:

How do I get started?

How do you connect with alums?

What resources are available to help me find alums?

Noor Tasnim '18, was in your shoes not too long ago and has created a great resource to guide you through networking and connecting with alums and he will answer all of those questions for you!  Take a look at his networking video and start building relationships!


If you have questions or need some additional assistance throughout the process, always remember you can take advantage of the Career Center’s Drop-In Career Advising or schedule an individual appointment through CareerConnections!