Relax, English Majors. You’re Still Plenty Employable.

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Bill Wright-Swadel, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs and Fannie Mitchell Executive Director Duke Career Center

Skills, not major are what matter along with developing the competencies necessary to thrive in a dynamic environment, whether it be Duke University or a changing work world!

As you enter a new environment, as every first year at Duke is doing—first-year undergrad, first-year Master's candidate, or first-year PhD candidate—it is critical that you develop the competencies to thrive today within the new culture and refine the story you will tell as you seek to transition to internships or post graduation employment.

This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education articulates just that in the article, Relax, English Majors. You’re Still Plenty Employable.

There is an office on campus whose mission is to support your thriving here and your successful transition out of the academy. Visit your Career Center early and often and Design Your Duke!