Sports, Statistics, and Computer Science Alum Spotlight: Charlie Rohlf ’05, Sr. Director, Basketball Technology and Products at National Basketball Association (NBA)

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

If you have an interest in sports, statistics, and/or computer science and you missed Charlie Rolf’s lunch presentation, you missed a real treat! During his presentation, Charlie talked about his path to the NBA, the exciting work he does, answered student questions, and stayed behind to connect with students. If you’re super disappointed you missed it, you’re in luck, I took some notes to provide insight about Charlie and what he does!

  • Charlie is a Duke Alum who was invited to visit Duke and speak with students as a part of the Career Center’s Fannie Mitchell Expert In Residence Program.
  • Charlie Rohlf earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Duke University in 2005.  After graduation, he spent a few years trading currency options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange during the day while coaching high school golf and basketball in the evenings. 
  • While pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science from DePaul University in Chicago, Charlie took a full-time role as a teacher and technology coordinator with the high school where he was coaching. 
  • He completed his Master’s degree in 2012 after finishing a thesis on using computer vision to track the movement of the basketball in videos of high school basketball games.  This led to Charlie joining STATS LLC as a computer vision engineer working on the SportVU tracking system.
  • Charlie eventually switched to the business side of STATS LLC when he was asked to lead SportVU and Basketball products
  • After nearly five years at STATS LLC, Charlie accepted his current role at the NBA as Senior Director of Stats Technology Product Development where he leads the developers who are responsible for ingesting, processing, synthesizing, and analyzing the NBA’s basketball data.

If Charlie’s story sounds interesting to you, he is very open to connecting with Duke students and would love to share his story and hear more about yours! You are able to connect with Charlie on LinkedIn!

If you have questions about connecting with individuals or exploring your interests, visit the Career Center during Drop-in Advising or schedule an appointment with an adviser through CareerConnections!