Summer plans: Deciding between studying abroad and doing an internship


Hey Duke Students!

This semester, I’ve been super stressed about what I want to accomplish this summer. Should I apply for a DukeEngage program to study abroad and immerse myself in a new culture, or work in New York City with a big consulting firm? Obviously, these two paths (for examples sake) will provide me with very different experiences… So, which one is the right choice?


Here’s the answer I’ve decided upon: both can serve as the correct choice!

It’s been difficult to remember that I have an entire four years here at Duke University… That’s plenty of time to explore everything I have even a little bit of interest in. If you choose to do an internship this summer, there’s always next summer to participate in something like DukeEngage. And, guess what?! Both of these experiences will benefit your career path and give you the tools you need to succeed. College is the only time during which you may have the opportunity to travel with ease and be surrounded with support in terms of landing internships. So, be sure to take advantage of it all so that you can become the most well-rounded version of yourself.

Never worry about trying to squeeze too many experiences into one summer, because you have tons of time. Yet, it’s also important to know that you should not decline an opportunity you’re really excited about simply because you think you should be doing something else. Remember, not only will each and every opportunity you take advantage of here at Duke advance your career path in some way shape or form, but also your journey to personal well-being.


An Eager first year