UCAE Behind the Scenes at the Inauguration and Price Palooza

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Kyle Fox

Earlier this month Duke University welcomed its 10th president, Vincent Price. UCAE was there, behind the scenes, for a week full of activities and events to celebrate this momentous occasion. Months of meetings culminated in dozens of trucks making deliveries to the Campus Center, Abele Quad, and East Campus, met by UCAE staff who quickly took over direction to ensure everything found its proper place. For two solid days the Duke community was taken over by a huge carnival followed by a formal ceremony and a flawless ceremony. 

Dozens of UCAE staff collaborated with a variety of partners and worked with student staff and advisees to make sure the celebration was memorable and seamless. If you wore a newly screen printed tshirt while riding a ferris wheel, or participated in the Faculty Symposium, or joined the Duke community on Abele Quad to witness the inauguration, or even enjoyed the fireworks display; chances are there was a UCAE staff member that helped make that experience happen! Of course, UCAE couldn't do it alone and we are lucky to be a part of such an amazing community!