Welcome to a lively and active fall recruiting cycle!

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Anne Lyford, Associate Director, Duke Career Center

The Duke Career Center is excited to facilitate connections between students and employers throughout the year. Many opportunities lie ahead to engage with employers, and we want to ensure students are aware of policies and expectations that guide behaviors in the process. 

First and foremost, the Career Center adheres to the National Association of Colleges & Employers Principles for Ethical Professional Practice.   Make sure you review the comprehensive set of Duke policies, including those regarding offers and second-round interviews, that guide both employers and students in the recruiting process.  If you’ve participated in recruiting opportunities before, our policies have changed and we recommend reviewing them before the semester begins!

Below are a few common questions received by the Career Center around policies and expectations– particularly about offers. 

What is an exploding offer?

An exploding offer is one in which there is undue pressure put upon a student to make a decision within a short timeframe, such as a date set earlier than a Career Center offer policy. This may result in a student losing out on the offer entirely or aspects of an offer because he/she did not make the decision in the given time frame.  Exploding offers go against policies set forth by the Career Center.

What if an employer is not abiding by a policy?

First, review the policies to confirm the employer is not following a particular policy.  An employer may be simply unfamiliar with the policies, and referring them to the site will often clarify any confusion or questions allowing the student and employer to reach a solution suitable for both parties.  Most career centers in general have policies in place, so for many employers the existence of campus recruiting policies is familiar territory.  Simply sharing policies with employers is a good first step to resolving any issues.  If you need further guidance, you can contact the Career Center directly.  

 If I feel pressure to accept an offer, can I accept and then continue searching for other positions?

If you’re getting pressure to accept an offer, please feel free to contact the Career Center.  You can speak with a career adviser to determine the best course of action. Keep in mind that how a candidate is treated in the search process is often indicative of company culture and how you may be treated as an employee.  Note that it is unethical to accept an offer and then continue to shop around for other offers.  The employer with whom you accepted the offer has stopped searching for someone in your role since you have entered into an agreement to pursue employment with them, and so it is the expectation that the you have also stopped your search. 

The Career Center recognizes that each student and employer has their unique situations and needs in a search process, and there may not be a policy that addresses every possible scenario.  The Career Center team is available to listen and help address your individual questions and needs related to the recruiting process.  Visit us during Drop-in Advising or schedule an individual appointment- we are happy to help!   

You will most likely get all the way through this process without running into any issues. We hope that is the case—now go ahead and get into CareerConnections today to be sure you don’t miss out on any events or job/internship postings!