What Can I Do With A Major In…?

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
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Have you found a subject that you’re really interested in and then find yourself thinking, what can I do with a major in this? If so, trust me when I tell you that you are not alone. To be very honest, I posed that same question to my adviser when I was in undergraduate school. This is not an uncommon question, as I speak with a lot of students who are thinking about their options, whether or not they receive a return on their investment after graduating, or if the options align with their interests, values, or goals. Unfortunately as advisers, we don’t have a magic wand that will reveal to you all of your options–but we have a resource that is very close to it!

In addition to reaching out to faculty, staff, alums, and individuals within your inner circle to talk about what they do and their experiences, you have an amazing resource called What Can I Do With This Major?! Once you enter the homepage and click on a major or area of interest, you can then view the many options!

The Career Center provides this resource so you can access:

  • A listing of 90+ majors or areas of interest
  • A breakdown of areas within that major which you could explore
  • A list of potential employers/industries and strategies to assist you within that path

As you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice a ton of additional resources from a listing of professional associations, information about salary within the Occupational Handbook, and a listing of industry-related sites to search for jobs and potential internships.

What Can I Do With This Major? is a great resource to help you as you are trying to get an idea of what your options are or even if you are looking to explore specific options, please make sure to take advantage of this resource that is here for you!